This piece is a architectural maquette of the city Aleppo in Syria, which is currently destroyed from
civil war. It is a reproduction of a drone view of the streets in the center of the city , made according
to a real picture of Aleppo. The construction contains cars, buildings , soldiers, dead bodies etc.
Streets are filled with red wax which represents blood. It has many fine details when seen from close


Few words:

How much more violence can men give birth to?

How much more pain can humans cause?

With how much more blood can streets be filled?

This piece is a drone view of Aleppo.

I guess if God was out there watching us from above

this would be the view of his terror child

and what his creation is capable of doing.


Technical specifications:

Title: Aleppo

Dimensions: 225cm x 118cm x 19cm and dimensions of metal base: 179cm x 160cm x 44cm

Weight: 110kg plus 32kg metal supporting base. Approx 142kg total

Year of creation: 2017

Main materials that constitute this piece:  pine wood, iron, crystal glass, wax, gravel, foam paper, plastic, acrylic paints and acrylic spray

The title labels on the artwork and the corresponding certification box are lead casted and embedded in liquid glass.

The frame is made from Swiss pine and crystal glass protection.

The handle of certification box is made from dental alloy casting and a real human wisdom tooth (extracted for orthodontic reasons and autoclave sterilized after)

All other teeth structures on certification box are made from artificial teeth on dental alloy castings

Custom handmade leather and cork cases for authentication documents

The signature label on the artwork is a lead inlay in wood and the one on the certification box is a dental amalgam inlay in wood

Certification documents are printed out in Hahnemühle fine art paper 100% cotton 310gsm and wax sealed.

Dimensions and weight of certification box: 48cm x 51cm x 9cm and 7,5kg