Conquer Your Fears Or They Will Conquer You

Figurative Art



This piece was made to show a man who never conquered his fears. This big human figure you see in the painting is a man who never managed to control his fears. As you will see he has a slave collar on his neck and from this slave collar his fears are hanging.


These weird figures , left and right from the main character, ranging in size from small to considerably big , represent our fears and inner demons. When we control our fears they are supposed to disappear or at least not bother us. But when we don’t, our fears grow bigger and become uncontrollable.

In this case (this painting), you see this man who obviously hasn’t conquered his fears and as a result he is being conquered and controlled by them. Actually he is made to look like a skeleton figure to resemble someone being exhausted from life (as life becomes very tiring when being in such a condition of not having control of your life and being driven by fears and obsessions).Finally this human figure has his hands on the air to resemble someone clapping his hand ironically. In the meaning of showing ironically how dissatisfied he is from his life. Clapping hands and saying something like: Well done life, you fucked me big time..


Few words:

We all have fears. Even the fools and the ignorant.  They surround us; we grow with them and learn to live by their side. Few of them are invisible, some can be seen and some are really big and obvious. If you can seek and find them, accept them and then fight them, fight them hard, really hard, really really hard and a little bit more, most will disappear. But few will still stay there, next to you, but harmless, like a cigarette per month. But if you don’t, they will grow big time. They will conquer you, they will slave you, and they will have you working all day and all night long to feed them. You will be walking like a zombie, with a slave collar on your neck and you’ll be clapping your hands ironically for your best performance on this live life show.

Beware of your fears, conquer them or they will conquer you.


Technical specifications:

Title: Conquer your fears or they will conquer you

Dimensions: 220cm x 100cm

Year of creation: 2017

Medium: plastic and acrylic colors on canvas.

Acrylic coating protection for UV light has been applied.

The signature label on the certification box is a dental amalgam inlay in wood

Certification documents are printed out in Hahnemühle fine art paper 100% cotton 310gsm and wax sealed.

Custom handmade leather case for authentication documents.

Certification box dimensions and weight: 42cm x 52cm x 8cm  /  5kg