surreal artwork



With this surreal artwork I wanted to talk about the abuse and addiction to drugs.  This becomes a circle from which it is so hard to escape. In the artwork you will see figures using different types of substances and creating a circle like scheme. This circle begins and ends in the head of the main character ( big black figure in the middle) ,and has a symbolic meaning that the mind is responsible for getting you in his circle and the only one that can take you out too .In the beginning of the circle (clockwise) you will see figures abusing different types of drugs and by the end comes the madness (upper right figure) and the feeling of imprisonment ( underneath the face figure on the right) and finally the fight against yourself (figure in front of the teeth of the main character).

When I begin a new work of art, I am at peace. When I am looking for ideas for new art, I rarely plan ahead. Rather, my ideas are led within each moment. I will think on a subject that is important to me for some time but it is within the moment of creation that the idea truly unfolds into something bigger. My artwork is intended to invoke a conversation.  The pieces are a commentary on critical social issues.  A deeper exploration of their very existence and their ongoing effects on the world around us.