Ethans Cow

Digital Artist


This is my first piece as a digital artist and the most enigmatic one till now. With this artwork I wanted to talk about (actually protest against) the refugee crisis and the phenomenon of global immigration. Whether they are war refugees trying to escape death, or economic immigrants, citizens of poorest countries trying to seek a better and more stable future, they have something in common. They all leave their countries involuntarily because they seek a better wellbeing. On the left side of the painting you will see a fence with people on it.  This represents immigrants trying to escape (weather is an immigrants camp, or jail etc).  Meanwhile over the fence you will see the social revolution and violence generating from such events. 


On the right side you will see a big figure raising his hands. This figure represents a politicians and how although they see the social problems they cause with their decisions, don’t really care and keep acting according to financial interests, promoting specific agendas and securing financially themselves and the ones behind them. With one hand the figure is bombarding innocent children with an oil pump (symbolizing the financial interests behind wars) and with the other showing us discretely the middle finger. Additionally, there is a big figure on the bottom of the piece.  His eyes and mouth are shut symbolizing how the media are under their control.

For the viewers who might wonder, there is no Ethan, no Cow.  When you change the order of the letters, the real title is revealed. The real title is the 13th sign ( the other 12 are hidden inside the artwork) and is asking if what the other 12 indicate is actually true or just a theory.  Open edition prints are available, please click the link below to purchase.