This mixed media artwork represents a huge computer screen inside which there are multiple springs connecting one with the other. The metal springs are tightly connected. That is to say they represent the people and businesses.  The artwork aims to show how all these elements are connected inside this network of springs.  Similarly, people are connected through facebook’s net. The connection inside the network is so tight and strong making it impossible for people to escape once they get addicted to this network, the same way springs are connected tightly and removing them is also difficult.

A few words:

Inspired by the well-known social media network, this piece represents the way Facebook can connect everything and everyone.  A computer screen through which you connect to everyone. Behind this screen people become so involved that it can be impossible to escape.

Technical specifications:

Title: Facebook
Dimensions: 225cm x 138cm x 19cm and dimensions of supporting metal base 179cm x 160cm x 45 cm
Weight: 157 kg plus 32kg for the supporting base. 189 kg in total.
Year of creation: 2017

The main materials that constitute this piece include: pine wood, iron, led lights, Plexiglas and crystal glass. The labels on the piece and the certification box are lead casted and embedded in liquid glass. However, the frame was made from Swiss pine and is protected with crystal glass. In addition, the handle of certification box is made from dental alloy casting and a real human wisdom tooth.  It was extracted for orthodontic reasons and was autoclave sterilized afterwards. The other teeth structures on the certification box were made from artificial teeth on dental alloy castings. There are also custom handmade leather and cork cases for authentication documents

The signature label on the artwork is a lead inlay in wood and the one on the certification box is a dental amalgam inlay in wood Certification documents are printed out in Hahnemühle fine art paper 100% cotton 310gsm and wax sealed.

Dimensions and weight of certification box: 48cm x 51cm x 9cm and 7,5kg