Surrealism Art Piece



With this surrealism art piece I wanted to talk about music. As an artist, I believe that good art in every form. Whether it’s a song, a painting, or a theatrical play stays intact in time. Meaning that it can always touch your heart no matter how many years have passed since its creation. With this artwork I want to praise some music legends.  They will live forever through our speakers and touch us with their art.  

When I begin a new work of art, I am at peace. My ideas are not really premeditated. Rather, they are led within each moment. I will think on a subject that is important to me for some time.  However, it is within the moment of creation that the idea truly unfolds into something bigger.  My work is a conversation about critical social issues.  I want to invoke a deeper exploration of their very existence and their ongoing effects on the world around us.  

My belief is that you can like something that looks beautiful but you can only love something that means something deeper to you and emotionally touches you. It is at this moment when the artist and the viewer can walk through the same thought patterns.

The subject and the materials I use are serendipitous. They are connected to the moment of creation. I believe that each technique and each material has a right place and a right time and each one becomes the bridge that allows me to express my thoughts in a unique and creative way.

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