Surrealistic Figures


 With these surrealistic figures I want to talk about transition from childhood to adult life. The piece is meant to portray how things look much different when someone is young. The main character is the woman, the big figure on the right side of the painting. On top of her, there is this girl that represents her childhood. The girl is blowing air like blowing candles on a birthday cake and making a wish for the future to come(symbolizing the transition). Additionally, there are other smaller surrealistic figures on the piece.  These figures represent the bad people she will meet and will have to face in her life. Also, you can see a the double faced people on her back and devil looking figures in front of her. Notice the difference that the girl has her eyes closed, while blowing away.  This signifies that she is not able to see the whole truth about this world and how innocent she is. While the grownup woman has her eyes wide open symbolizing her maturity and ability to look other people’s nature with clarity, knowing who she is dealing with.